Cloth vs. Disposables: Seriously, they’re just cute!

Now we have talked about all the “important” reasons to cloth diaper such as saving money, going green, and the health of your baby. Now I am going to talk about another reason I personally cloth diaper–the cuteness factor!

Disposable Diapers = Walking Billboard

Disposable diapers turn your baby into a walking advertisement! When using disposables I had to choose which children’s program I wanted to support- Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse, or any other various cartoon creation. If it wasn’t bad enough that my child was forced into wearing plastic underpants, now I was also forcing them into the realm of being a walking billboard. With cloth the options are endless! I can go for the timeless approach with a traditional vanilla color or go wild with a zebra print or vibrant hot pink! There, literally, is no end to the colors, prints, and styles available in cloth.


I know some of you are saying, “But, I like Mickey Mouse!” Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place in which Mickey Mouse is a completely fantastic option, but do you want Mickey Mouse every day? I know when I used disposables on my oldest there was one particular brand that I used all the time. I know lots of mothers that use disposable diapers and swear by one brand. In that case, typically the designs don’t change often. For the almost full two years my daughter was in diapers the diaper brand I used had the exact same print! She literally wore the same cartoon printed diaper everyday for two years! How exciting is that? Do you wear the same brand, style, color of underwear every day? I know I don’t! Cloth can just add a little excitement and pizzazz to your baby’s wardrobe.  And not to mention, it is nice to have other mommas stop you in the bathroom at public establishments just to comment on how adorable your diapers are!

Time And Place For Everything

There are also times that you may not want a little cartoon character peeking out from your baby’s diaper.  If your baby is going to be baptized or christened, is this a time you want Winnie the Pooh peeking out to say hello? With cloth, you could choose solid white or traditional looking diaper for these important events. What about baby portraits? Everyone loves to show off all the cute little chubby thighs, tummy rolls, and flawless baby skin! I know we did most of our newborn photos in just a diaper. With my oldest, I look back at those photos and see her precious little body and cute newborn expressions and then see a big old logo right on her behind! Don’t get me wrong; the photos are still precious and beautiful; however, with my second two, the cloth diapers in the photo added so much more! They look beautiful, and the diaper fits in with everything around it!

We recently took some baby portraits of my littlest two, and I wanted to share some with you! Now could you do these with disposables?



Source: 2010-2012

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