The Inconvenient Truth

I can’t even tell you the number of times I have had a mother come up to me and say, “I can’t believe you use cloth diapers! Isn’t that so inconvenient?”. I try not to blankly stare at them with a smug look on my face, but SERIOUSLY?!?  I also try not to sound like a mad woman spouting off a crazy slew of statistics supporting cloth. Therefore, instead of talking about how convenient my cloth is, I talk about how inconvenient […]

Natural House Cleaner Review

I’m kind of a chemical stickler. It’s true, I am. I do my best in most areas of being “green” and “eco-friendly” but the area that I am the biggest advocate for is natural household cleaning products! I’ll skimp on the organic food if I have to, I’ll buy a bottle of water once in a while if I have to, but I will not use excessive amounts of chemicals and fragrance to clean my house. My usual cleaning supplies include vinegar and water […]

The Move Did Not Go Smoothly

Just a heads up to let everyone know, the site move is complete however it did not go as smoothly as I would have liked! Images are missing from post and links go to never-never land! I will be working very hard over the next few weeks to fix all of this. Please be patient. Sophia

ACT FAST~ LIVE AGAIN – 3-Pack 36oz Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula w/ Iron

This is one of those products that when the price drops, it doesn’t take long for the product to SELL OUT! If you’re interested, grab it while you can. Amazon.com has 3-Pack 36oz Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula w/ Iron for $69.98 When you ‘clip’ the 35% off coupon (see example in the image below) found on the product page and check out via Subscribe & Save. Shipping is free. Item(s) Subtotal:$116.86 Shipping & Handling:$0.00 Subscribe & Save:-$17.53 Your Coupon Savings:-$40.90 —– […]

SnugPad Dryer Balls Review

SnugPad is the maker of the amazing SnugPad Orthopedic Coccyx and Posture Support Wheelchair and Office Seat Cushion (for Back Pain and Sciatica Relief – I use it here at my desk), but they also have a lot of other fantastic products. SnugPad carries extra-large premium wool dryer balls!  My sister-in-law graciously bought me a set of wool dryer balls as a surprise “anytime gift.” (see them here) I had never used a wool dryer ball before receiving my SnugPad dryer balls. However, […]

Ruby Moon vs Country Save Cloth Diaper Detergent

I’ve been using Ruby Moon ever since we started using cloth diapers; however, lately, which I don’t necessarily blame on the detergent, my little guy has been getting very bad rashes. We’ve determined the problem to be our ridiculously hard water and the fact that our softener had run out of salt quite a while before we realized it. This left our diapers in very bad shape. The build-up and the stink were horrendous. We stripped countless numbers of times and we […]
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Off-Topic Tuesday: UNM’s No-Poo-iversary!

I shocked the world when one year ago I announced on this blog that I’ve been No Poo for one year!  I know, I know, the human body is unbelievable.   You can read about my one year and ‘coming out’ first No Poo-iversary here. (site no longer active) In that post, I explain and highlight some of the details of being No Poo.  It took a lot of courage to say that I was No Poo, but now it’s second nature.  I literally know tens […]

Off-Topic Tuesday: Consider Eminence SPF

About some recent (or not so recent to those of us who are excessive researchers!) chatter surrounding the nasty chemicals in traditional sunscreens, I want to talk to you about one of my absolute favorite options. My favorite sunscreen is made by Eminence. Eminence is a Hungarian company. All of their products are organic. You could eat them, although they won’t taste as good as food! I love it because it is simple and easy. The one I use is SPF 30, all natural and […]

Off Topic Tuesday: The Eco Dentistry Association

In efforts to live a more eco-savvy lifestyle, we’re bound to make what others revere as “crazy” life changes and decisions. Among my most recent eye-roll-worthy decisions was choosing to see a dentist who was certified by the Eco-Dentistry Association. I’m not sure what people thought was going to happen when I went to this “hippie tree hugging” dentist, but they thought I was off my rocker. As far as they were concerned, I was chewing tree bark, flossing with tall grass, brushing with […]

BABY by danish Review

I honestly don’t think we’re ever home. Never, ever. With working full time, I don’t get a lot of time to sit around the house and hang out. When I’m not working, we’re running countless amounts of errands. We’re always finding new ways to cloth diaper on the run! We’ve tried several wet bags in our day, even stooping to use a grocery bag once in a while. I was very excited when BABY by danish contacted me about their wet bag and offered […]
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Free Love Friday: SocialMoms.com

SocialMoms.com (formerly SocialMoms.net) is one of my favorite websites. They have tons of great mom-focused articles as well as networking and rewards opportunities, unlike any other website I have come across. They have an engaged community and huge support network. Here are are some of my favorite socialmoms.com features.   Content  SocialMoms goes above and beyond in the content department. They have numerous topic categories and update their content daily.  All their content is brought straight from SocialMoms members.  So even if […]
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{CLOSED} Link Up Week of 10.12.11

Add your GIVEAWAY to this week’s link up! Feel free to come back weekly to add your giveaways to this link up! Make sure that in the title of your link you put the ending date of your giveaway so that upon completion, I can remove the out-of-date giveaways. Every Wednesday (for now), we’ll put up a fresh linky for you to come and add your giveaways to! We reserve the right to remove any links that don’t apply to cloth diapering […]
Lil Miss Crafty Pants Cloth Wipes Giveaway

{CLOSED} Lil Miss Crafty Pants Cloth Wipes Giveaway

This is a very special giveaway for me. Tricia from Lil Miss Crafty Pants is one of my bestest friends on this entire planet. While this isn’t a review, Tricia has offered to giveaway 5 Cloth Wipes to one of our readers this week. We have some more giveaways in the works; however, they’re still in the “review” stages. We pride ourselves on making sure our test products are thoroughly reviewed before giving them away. Tricia is cloth-diapering, homeschooling, raw milk drinking, […]

Raves and Faves: Nici’s Picks!

Everyone has their favorite “go-to” diaper in their stash.  Everyone has that “miracle butt cream” for their babies rashes.  (Ok…hold up.  That just sounds strange.  Miracle butt cream?  HA!)  Some people adore pockets, others prefer prefolds.  Whatever the case for you may be, I’m here to share a few of my favorite cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories for you.  I know I love when someone tells me what their personal stash consists of.  I have so much fun trying out new […]
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Wordless Wednesday: The First Fluffy Bum

Do you participate in Cloth Diapering or Natural Parenting Wordless Wednesday? Link up with us! We’ve made this linky “blog hop” style — so you can use this code on YOUR blog and have all of the same links that we do! Support other cloth diapering bloggers, spread the love, and participate in this blog hop. We’d love to have you. Just add your link, grab the code, and add it to your Wordless Wednesday posts! WhyClothDiaper.com has the right to remove […]
Chronicles of a Convert

Chronicles of a Convert: Leslie & M, Part 2

Leslie, a first-time mother to M, is a recent “convert” to cloth diapering. She began cloth diapering her baby girl a little over a month ago. Read the first part of her story here. So, we have been using cloth for a little over two weeks now. I don’t think I’ve ever done so much laundry in a two week time in my life! Knowing that I’m making a great decision for my baby and my wallet makes it worth it. So […]
Chronicles of a Convert

Chronicles of a Convert: Leslie & M, Part 1

Leslie, a first-time mother to M, is a recent “convert” to cloth diapering. She began cloth diapering her baby girl a little over a month ago. This is her recollection of their first day in cloth! So yesterday was my first day with cloth. Let me tell you: Easier than expected. So, I woke up and there in the drawer that used to hold endless rows of disposable diapers where fluffy little foreign objects. I prepped them with love and made sure […]

Rockin’ Green Review

Is your diaper laundry rockin’? Mine is! Rockin’ Green has been a favorite cloth diaper detergent among many cloth diapering mommas but had never been on the top of my list of favorite detergents. It was a detergent that worked but was nothing that I would say I couldn’t live without. Then that all changed! Rockin’ Green came out with their new REMIX formula. In my opinion, this new formula by far surpasses the old one. I was fortunate enough to get […]

Begin Using Cloth Diapers – Stop Filling Our Landfills

There are three main reasons most people decide to make the switch to cloth diapers:  saving money, health benefits, and environmental impact. We discussed the money savings as well as the health benefits of cloth, so now we are going to talk about the environmental aspect of cloth diapering versus disposables diapers.   Many of you have probably seen the cloth vs. disposable impact study done by a London-based agency. The Life Cycle Analysis was conducted by the Environment Agency and concluded that “there was no significant  difference […]

{CLOSED} Win it Wednesday: $25 to Alice.com!

THE WINNER IS: Rachel Holmes! Let’s just get this straight, I’m madly in love with Alice. I found Alice a while back when one of my Facebook friends posted a link to it. I’ve always been privy to trying anything and everything when it comes to internet shopping! Alice.com, though, is not just another internet shopping engine! (PS: I should probably let you know that this is not sponsored by Alice.com! I’m just that in love with it!) What’s in it for […]