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You found us! Consider yourself, lucky, blessed, in-the-know, in the “cool” crowd. Consider whatever you wish–just know that your life’s value has just increased! Heck yes, it did! First things first, let me tell you a bit about why this little vehicle exists. I am insanely interested in providing an online information hub for those mommies, daddies, and other caregivers who are interested in cloth diapering their children. Admittedly, yes, there are many places out there where you can find great information […]

Morning Sickness

But How Can I Eat with Morning Sickness?? I have come in contact with many women dealing with morning sickness in a variety of settings.  Some were contemplating a second or third pregnancy and were hoping to avoid it.  Some were in their second trimester and still having frequent trips to the ED for IVS or even hospital admissions.  I remember one mom who was plagued throughout her first pregnancy.  The baby weighed 5 pounds.  I knew her when she started her […]
Preeclampsia and Preterm Birth-4

Preeclampsia and Preterm Birth

Can Preeclampsia and Preterm Birth Be Prevented? One would think that since we live in the United States with the most expensive health care system in the world, you would not even need to ask that question. After all, in the United States and many other developed nations as well we have great prenatal care, excellent obstetric facilities, and neonatal intensive care units. So no need to worry?  Right?  Wrong! A quick look at world Maternal Mortality rates published by the British Medical Journal, The […]
Breastfeeding Tips For First Time Mothers

Breastfeeding Tips For First Time Mothers

Breastfeeding Tips For First Time Mothers – The Beginning It seems obvious that the first step to ensuring problem-free breastfeeding is to do everything possible to have a healthy baby.  If you give birth to a healthy, full-term baby (greater than 39 weeks gestation), you will increase your chances of a smooth transition from the uterus to suckling at the breast.  There is plenty of evidence which indicates you can increase your chances of delivering a full term, healthy baby.  So let’s […]