Everyone has their favorite “go-to” diaper in their stash.  Everyone has that “miracle butt cream” for their babies rashes.  (Ok…hold up.  That just sounds strange.  Miracle butt cream?  HA!)  Some people adore pockets, others prefer prefolds.  Whatever the case for you may be, I’m here to share a few of my favorite cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories for you.  I know I love when someone tells me what their personal stash consists of.  I have so much fun trying out new things, especially when it comes to diapers!  So sit back, and let your inner cloth addict indulge…

Cloth Wipes

The corner of my daughter’s room had a little garbage can, a disposable diaper pail, and my cloth diaper pail.  I didn’t just dive right into cloth diapering, I started slow and did what my small stash would allow me to do.  But why have the extra little garbage can?  When I used cloth diapers and wiped with a disposable wipe, it had to go in the garbage since they would get stuck in my ‘sposie pail.  Such.A.Pain.  So I decided to try out cloth wipes.  I took some old receiving blankets and made my own FO’ FREE.  There are oodles and oodles of “recipes” online for cloth wipe solutions too, and I was able to make some out of things I had around the house.  AWESOME.

So cloth wipes are a MUST TRY.  I currently bought a “cloth diaper bundle” from Bundles and Buzz (an awesome site where you purchase a “bundle” and what you get in it is a total surprise!) and got Baby Bits Wipes Solution.  RAVE!  FAVE!  OMG!  Basically, it’s awesome in a bottle and I suggest you all try it out.

Bummis and Thirsties

For those of you who use prefolds, fitteds, or other diapers that require covers.  I highly suggest Angel Love covers and Thirsties Duo Wraps.  That is, if you’re going to go with PUL covers at all!  Wool and fleece soakers are also really super fantastic.  Fleece, I probably wouldn’t suggest for going out and about or sitting in a car seat for a while… ewww compression leaks!  But for around the house, they’re great.  And maybe some of you don’t want to deal with wool, which is okay by me.  Try Bummis.  Try Thirsties.  Their leg gussets are a dream.


Source: WhyClothDiaper.com

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