I can’t even tell you the number of times I have had a mother come up to me and say, “I can’t believe you use cloth diapers! Isn’t that so inconvenient?”. I try not to blankly stare at them with a smug look on my face, but SERIOUSLY?!?  I also try not to sound like a mad woman spouting off a crazy slew of statistics supporting cloth. Therefore, instead of talking about how convenient my cloth is, I talk about how inconvenient their disposables are for them.

So I have compiled my list of the “inconvenient” truths in regards to disposable diaper use.

Late Night Runs to the Store

I don’t know about you, but I do NOT find late night trips to the grocery store very convenient. In fact, I find it inconvenient. However, when I used disposable diapers on my first child there were numerous times I was forced to head to the grocery store in the middle of the night because of a bad stomach bug or unexpected super pee spree. Babies are unpredictable and so is their bowels. You never know when a major poofest is on its way!

Empty Wallets

I also do not find empty wallets appealing or convenient. I find it inconvenient when my car needs an oil change, and I have to chose- oil change or diapers? Not my idea of convenient.

Buying in Bulk

If I don’t want to break the bank I am forced to buy in bulk. I don’t find it convenient to have to have an entire storage closet dedicated to diapers.

Up-the-back Poo

I find it inconvenient to have to wash all bedding, clothing, and my entire child whenever they have a major blow out. My daughter had this up-the-back poo phenomena bad! It gets everywhere!! The hair is the worst!!!

Photo Ops turned Sour

I have so many photos of my daughter where she is just too adorable. However, there is one thing that can stand out in those photos that just irks me- cartoon printed disposable diapers. It was not convenient when I  literally cropped her photos from the tummy down numerous times to hide those cartoon characters.

Diaper Rash

Anyone who has dealt with diaper rash knows it is extremely inconvenient and honestly heart-breaking to see your baby in pain. If your baby has sensitive skin it is inevitable that the chemicals in disposables will irritate their precious little bodies.

Holy Garbage Pile 

I do not find it convenient to have to take an entire garbage bag full of diaper trash outside to the garbage bin each day. Talk about disgusting! I also find it inconvenient to have to purchase another garbage bin for my diaper trash or be forced to lay the bags of garbage on the side of the road like a trash monger.

The Stench of Convenience

The smell of diaper trash is one that is almost unbearable to me. I did not find it convenient to have to chose between decent smelling home or 10 walks to an outdoor garbage can every day. Not to mention, when you have company over you have to rush around the house spraying down the diaper pail area in hopes they won’t notice the stench.


So the next time I see a mother using a disposable diaper maybe I will ask her, ” Wow you use disposable diapers! Isn’t that so inconvenient?!?”




Source: WhyClothDiaper.com 2010-2012

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