Why Cloth Diaper is committed to supporting the well-informed decisions parents make in terms of baby & toddler feeding, whether they choose to exclusively breastfeed, partially breastfeed, or bottle feed their infants.  Breastfeeding is the preferred form of infant nutrition; however, if infants are not receiving breast milk, baby formula is the only nutritious, safe, and recommended alternative.

Right To Choose

Mothers have the right to choose the best feeding option for their babies given their particular circumstances.  In order to make a well-informed decision, mothers have the right to receive information and resources about all infant feeding options.  Whatever a mother’s decision, she should be supported and counseled in her choice.

Baby & Toddler Feeding Supplies

Why Cloth Diaper has the things that your young child needs. From silverware sized for little hands, to “big kid” cups and dishes, your little one can eat “just like the grownups!”

It seems that babies whiz through these baby stages. They do grow up so fast. It may seem that on some days you are wading through an endless stream of bottles and nipples or that your breast pump is permanently attached to you.

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