Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Pump Manual, Clear


More comfortable pumping position due to unique design.
Soft, textured massage cushion helps stimulate milk flow
Compact, lightweight design of the pump body makes it easy to hold and position on your breast


Philips Avent SCF330/30 Convenience Guide Breast Pump is uniquely designed for a Extra stress-free and comfy expressing place to advertise milk drift. Not like breast pumps that best perform correctly whilst you lean ahead, the Philips Avent Convenience Guide Breast Pump lets in you to take a seat effortlessly upright as you pump, at the same time as the pump’s angled neck shall we milk drift evidently from breast to bottle. Whilst you’ll be able to chill out, you’ll be able to produce Extra milk. This Guide pump is superb for mothers who wish to pump both at house or at the cross. It includes a Comfortable therapeutic massage cushion with 5 textured petals supposed to lend a hand lightly stimulate milk drift by way of mimicking your child’s Herbal suckling styles. An ergonomic take care of and light-weight, compact layout makes it simple to perform with one hand. The gathering box that connects to the pump additionally works as a bottle with the incorporated Herbal, breast-formed nipple. The nipple makes transitioning among breast and bottle more straightforward in your child by way of encouraging comfy latch on. The breast pump additionally options an {basic|simple|uncomplicated} layout with just a few portions that may all be washed within the dishwasher.

Extra comfy pumping place because of distinctive layout.
Comfortable, textured therapeutic massage cushion is helping stimulate milk drift
Compact, light-weight layout of the pump frame makes it simple to carry and place to your breast
Appropriate with different Philips Avent feeding merchandise, equivalent to Herbal and Anti-colic bottles and breast milk garage boxes

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