I honestly don’t think we’re ever home. Never, ever. With working full time, I don’t get a lot of time to sit around the house and hang out. When I’m not working, we’re running countless amounts of errands. We’re always finding new ways to cloth diaper on the run!

We’ve tried several wet bags in our day, even stooping to use a grocery bag once in a while. I was very excited when BABY by danish contacted me about their wet bag and offered one to me for review and one for you to win! We could always use more wet bags, and I was thrilled to get a chance to try these!

Of all of the wet bags we’ve used, I would say that BABY by danish’s wet bags are the strongest, sturdiest, and most durable I’ve used! Not to mention — they’re beautiful! If it’s even possible, these wet bags are absolutely gorgeous. We’ve never leaked with these, and they don’t “sweat” like some others we’ve tried! What’s sweating? Yeah, you know how sometimes you leave a rank diaper somewhere and forget where for a few days? Then, when you find the wet bag, it’s damp on the outside? For the absent-minded airhead cloth diaperer–these bags are dreamy! They’re so super thick, and their waterproof lining is bulletproof!

Confession? I can’t get my hands on our wetbag fresh out of the wash fast enough to photograph it – Once I do, I’ll add more photos to this post! But I wanted to get this up here for you!



Here at BABY by danish, we work hard to ensure that our materials and construction guarantee the highest quality wet bag. That’s why we use a thick cotton exterior, and heavy lining fabric. The waterproof lining is a medical grade barrier fabric that stands up to heavy duty use and frequent laundering. It is also safe, meeting CIPSA standards and free of BPA, phlalate, cadmium, and lead. It is also food safe. The lining is heat bonded (without chemicals), fusing the layers together to create a strong waterproof seal. The bag is then finished with a durable water-resistant YKK zipper.




Source: WhyClothDiaper.com 2010-2012


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