I’m kind of a chemical stickler. It’s true, I am. I do my best in most areas of being “green” and “eco-friendly” but the area that I am the biggest advocate for is natural household cleaning products! I’ll skimp on the organic food if I have to, I’ll buy a bottle of water once in a while if I have to, but I will not use excessive amounts of chemicals and fragrance to clean my house.

My usual cleaning supplies include vinegar and water and a very spartan amount of other kitchen-found items.

Sometimes, though, I really just need that extra kick. For instance, in our bathroom. I’ll clean all day with vinegar and water, but only hours later our old toilet smells like urine again, and it seems like such a waste. I was excited when I stumbled across Natural House‘s natural household cleaning products: TrashySinky, and Flushy!


Probiotics and Plant-based Enzymes

Natural House‘s natural household cleaning products are powered by probiotics and yummy plant-based enzymes. Check out the video below to learn more about why they were formulated in the first place! (And why I’m so glad they were!)


I’m definitely impressed with these little guys after using them for 3 weeks. That urine smell I was talking about? Flushy knocked that out, the very first time I used it. Flushy packets just get dropped right into your trrrlet and the fun foaming action begins! After a couple of minutes, once the packet is completely done foaming, you take a brush to it and flush it down. After cleaning your toilet bowl, they move down and clean your pipes and septic!


Trashy worked great in our diaper pail, and in our kitchen trash. I cook with a little more garlic than I think I’m supposed to, and our kitchen trash gets nas-tay. It’s really nice being able to spray Trashy in there, and once it dries, just throwing the bag back in! You don’t have to wipe after using Trashy unless you really feel like it. Trashy cuts the smell right out and keeps it fresh for a week!


Sinky is in packet form, just like Flushy, and gets tossed right into the sink drain. While running hot water over it for a few seconds, the packet dissolves. I like to run the garbage disposal for a while when rinsing it down to give it a nice little whirl. We inherited a really disgusting kitchen sink with our house last year, and this does wonders for our decades-old disposal. I love being able to freshen up our disgustingly funky drain! It seriously always smells, and it’s nice being able to throw one of those packets down there each week and let it do all the work.


I think my favorite thing about these products is that they’re super easy to use. I hate getting out sprays and towels. I’m super-lazy and these products are way up my alley!

You can purchase  TrashyDishy, and  Sinky, to name just a few. Try them out and then come back and let me know what you think.



Source: WhyClothDiaper.com 2010-2012


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