Is your diaper laundry rockin’? Mine is! Rockin’ Green has been a favorite cloth diaper detergent among many cloth diapering mommas but had never been on the top of my list of favorite detergents. It was a detergent that worked but was nothing that I would say I couldn’t live without. Then that all changed! Rockin’ Green came out with their new REMIX formula. In my opinion, this new formula by far surpasses the old one. I was fortunate enough to get to try out the new Earth, Wind, and Orchids, Lavender Mint Revival, and Smashing Watermelons scents.

In my area, we have hard water. Rockin’ Green is unique among most detergents because it has a special blend specifically for your type of water! Rockin’ Green comes in three formulas- Classic, Hard, and Soft Rock. (Not sure what type of water you have- Check here!) If you have ever had hard water you know how difficult it can be to find a detergent that can break through all those minerals but not leave detergent on your diapers. Rockin’ Green does just what it says it will. With a very minimal amount of detergent (just 2 tablespoons for me) your laundry will come out sparkling and clean every time. There are also tons of other uses for Rockin’ Green besides just diapers! Check them out here or sign up for the 52-weeks of clean for weekly emails with some great suggestions.

Another benefit to using Rockin’ Green over typical cloth diaper detergent is the yummy scents! Rockin’ Green has designed a detergent that has wash away scent. So your laundry room has an awesome smell while the clothes are washing, but you don’t have to worry about any leftover scent or additives hanging on to your diapers! The scent literally washes completely away. But I don’t like scents? That’s ok too! Rockin’ Green has a Bare Naked Babies formula that is scentless. The Earth, Wind, and Orchids was a very light scent. If you are looking for something that isn’t overpowering this may be for you. It has a very subtle honey and orchid smell to it. The Lavender Mint Revival was my favorite! It has a slightly stronger smell and the mint is awesome in the laundry room. The Smashing Watermelons is right between the two for me. It is slightly more “potent” than the Earth, Wind, and Orchids smell but not quite as strong as the Lavender Mint Revival. If you love the smell of a fresh cut watermelon on a summer day, THIS IS YOUR SCENT. It smells good enough to eat.

So I strongly suggest giving Rockin’ Green a shot. When I first got mine I rocked a soak on all my diapers. To do this you simply fill your washing machine (or bathtub, or sink, or whatever washing area you want to use) with as much hot water as it will hold and soak your diapers. I soaked mine overnight, but you can soak them for as little as 30 minutes and still see a big improvement. I then simply ran the diapers through the wash and did a double rinse. The diapers came out like new! So even if you have a detergent that you would never give up, keep a bag of Rockin’ Green on hand for the occasional soak. It will keep your cloth looking fresh and like new.





Source: 2010-2012

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