Ruby Moon vs Country Save Cloth Diaper Detergent

I’ve been using Ruby Moon ever since we started using cloth diapers; however, lately, which I don’t necessarily blame on the detergent, my little guy has been getting very bad rashes. We’ve determined the problem to be our ridiculously hard water and the fact that our softener had run out of salt quite a while before we realized it. This left our diapers in very bad shape. The build-up and the stink were horrendous. We stripped countless numbers of times and we tried using more detergent, less detergent, other laundry additives… Nothing was working. So, I decided to look for another detergent to try, just to mix it up a little.

I decided to purchase some Country Save for two reasons, initially:

1. I really love their packaging. I know, very silly, but I’m a sucker for cute packages! (Bonus: it’s eco-friendly!)
2. Their special edition scents! Yum!

However, Country Save was an even better choice because it’s designed to work especially well with hard water! Additionally, we’re used to buying Ruby Moon at only $25 bucks a bag, so I’ve had a hard time justifying switching to a Cloth Diaper specific detergent due to the prices of many other brands. Country Save? It’s only about $20 a box (I buy in bulk, 4 boxes in a package)! I could handle that!

So far, the Country Save Detergent is working fabulously at keeping our diapers clean. We’re still working on getting them completely build-up free, but Country Save is making great strides in getting all the funk out. I think after a really long soak in this detergent, we’re going to finally be rid of our stink and rash issues!

All in all, I am loving my new Country Save detergent!



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