SnugPad is the maker of the amazing SnugPad Orthopedic Coccyx and Posture Support Wheelchair and Office Seat Cushion (for Back Pain and Sciatica Relief – I use it here at my desk), but they also have a lot of other fantastic products. SnugPad carries extra-large premium wool dryer balls!  My sister-in-law graciously bought me a set of wool dryer balls as a surprise “anytime gift.” (see them here)

I had never used a wool dryer ball before receiving my SnugPad dryer balls. However, it was definitely not rocket science to figure out how to use these. Put them in your dryer, end of story. First things first, how do these work? What are they made of? The dryer balls are 100% wool and are all handmade. Wool dryer balls are designed to help keep the clothing separated while drying thus decreasing drying time.  They also naturally soften clothes, so no more dryer sheets or fabric softeners needed.

When I dried my first load of laundry, I noticed my drying time was cut in half. The clothes dried significantly faster. It was not a fluke, because each load after that came out much sooner than normal. As a cloth diapering momma, these were fantastic. As you cloth diapering mommas know, fabric softeners and cloth is a big no-no. However, dryer balls will cause no harm. Therefore, you can still soften your cloth diapers without using harmful fabric softeners. I also noticed a decrease in static in my diapers. I do not use fabric sheets on my diapers, so they always came out with super static. With the SnugPad dryer balls, the static was almost non-existent.

Once you add the dryer balls to your dryer, there is nothing else you need to do. They will last for years and can hang out in your dryer until you are ready to use them. That is what I call low maintenance.


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