Rachel Holmes!

Let’s just get this straight, I’m madly in love with Alice. I found Alice a while back when one of my Facebook friends posted a link to it. I’ve always been privy to trying anything and everything when it comes to internet shopping!, though, is not just another internet shopping engine!

(PS: I should probably let you know that this is not sponsored by! I’m just that in love with it!)

What’s in it for the cloth diaper fanatic? Well, not only stocks all of the major and popular cloth diaper friendly laundry detergents (Country Save, Rockin’ Green. Charlie’s Soap, Tide Original, and more!), they also stock all kinds of other awesome green and organic household products and pantry items! I love their selection. I first started shopping at after I was “finished” researching the kind of detergent I was going to use for our diapers. I had settled on Country Save, which I am still madly in love with, and the only way that I can get it is online through

Generally, being forced to buy your detergent online sticks you with terrible shipping costs–but shipping at is free! Yes, FREE. They do have a 6 item minimum per order, but that’s so easy to meet. Each time I order, we grab 2 detergents, our toilet paper (Gasp!), and then organic baby food for the little guy! We hit 6 items in no time!

Just for signing up with, you get a $10 credit to your account which is equal to one free box of Country Save laundry detergent! Can’t beat that! And, if you win this giveaway, that’s $25 more dollars for you!

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