This is our very first “Free Love Friday.” On Fridays we’re going to try and give you some helpful links of articles we’ve been reading regarding cloth diapering and other topics that are related to healthy, sustainable, and eco-friendly living. Occasionally you’ll find some links to some WAHM stores, shops, and happenings. Fridays will be a mashup of all kinds of findings that are NOT related to!

First–I will not feature Rebecca Black more than this Friday and this Friday only! I do solemnly swear. I was just not prepared for today! It snuck up on me! I’ll make sure to have some much more “related” photos in the coming weeks! But for now? Please suffer along with me.

Interesting Articles

Cloth Diapering News

  • BorromBumpers made a diaper for The Ellen Show!
  • Rockin’ Green is reformulating all of their laundry soaps and the new formulas will launch around the end of the month or early June.

Coming Up On Next Week!

  • Monday – gDiapers with Samantha Farmer
  • Tuesday – Off Topic Tuesdays! Make your own deodorant!
  • Wednesday – A Review & Giveaway of a Bohemian Baby Couture cloth diaper.
  • Thursday – Let’s Talk Laundry!
  • Friday – Free Love Friday! Post interesting links & news to our Facebook wall!


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