You found us! Consider yourself, lucky, blessed, in-the-know, in the “cool” crowd. Consider whatever you wish–just know that your life’s value has just increased! Heck yes, it did!

First things first, let me tell you a bit about why this little vehicle exists. I am insanely interested in providing an online information hub for those mommies, daddies, and other caregivers who are interested in cloth diapering their children. Admittedly, yes, there are many places out there where you can find great information on this topic, but this is something I’m incredibly passionate about. If this only ends up servicing a small lot of people, so be it. My job is done when at least one person has found themselves not only desiring to cloth diaper but fully equipped to do so.

Why have we used “diaper” as a verb instead of a noun? To me, personally, the choice to cloth diaper my son was the very first step I took in what eventually became an increased interest in providing a healthy & sustainable environment for him to grow up in. I hope that by helping people choose this one verb, they eventually find themselves choosing other eco-friendly and family-healthy verbs, such as recycling, baby-wearing, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, composting, urban homesteading, responsibly consuming, and so many others!

With time, this website will grow in relevance & informativeness and I hope that you’ll either frequent it yourself, or use it as a tool for when someone asks you why YOU cloth diaper.

In efforts to help you navigate this website, navigation is at the top. The content on this site is provided to you in the form of “blog posts.” We have chosen this venue as it is interactive and the industry of cloth diapering is always changing. We hope to foster an open discussion for everyone in each and every aspect of our being. The navigation at the top is separated in parts encompassing the “Who, What, Where, Why, & How” of cloth diapering. Each of these will direct you to a relevant category listing to help you find your way to the answers you’re looking for. You’ll also notice a search box–you may use this to directly search for what you need! If that doesn’t help? Please find your way to your “Contact Us” section & fill out the form. We’ll try and get back to you as quickly as possible!

Currently, the extremely, extremely loosely followed blog format will be as follows:

  • MONDAYS, General discussion, and informative articles.
  • TUESDAYS, Off-Topic discussions regarding our “other verbs.”
  • WEDNESDAYS, Any cloth diaper related giveaways or sponsored reviews will be found on Wednesdays!
  • THURSDAYS, More general discussion & informative articles will be posted here!
  • FRIDAYS, Free Love Fridays! In lieu of the fact that there are so many other incredible blogs on the Internet, we’d like to give some “free” props to these writers! We’ll post current happenings or other articles of interest from other places on the web here.

Questions? Ask away!



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