Leslie, a first-time mother to M, is a recent “convert” to cloth diapering. She began cloth diapering her baby girl a little over a month ago. This is her recollection of their first day in cloth!

So yesterday was my first day with cloth. Let me tell you: Easier than expected. So, I woke up and there in the drawer that used to hold endless rows of disposable diapers where fluffy little foreign objects. I prepped them with love and made sure each insert was tucked just so inside its little pocket without a bulge, crease or twist.

So, it was first diaper change time and I stood there wondering which pretty pattern where we going to try first. “Green? No, blue. Er, white. Eh, maybe? No! PINK! Of course pink!” I think she noticed the difference, too, as I pulled it out of the drawer. So I carefully snapped, snapped, snapped each little button being careful not to make it too tight on her chunky little legs. Our very first diaper experience? It failed! It leaked! I was disappointed, but I would not throw in the towel or fluff in this case. For the next diaper, after advice from my oh-so-wonder fluff-lovin’ friends, we tried going a little tighter on the leg and wah-lah! No leaks! We went from Home Depot to Publix and back home without a leak. Yay! Then, off to visit both grandmothers. Both of which were surprisingly open and curious about these “new age” cloth diapers which are nothing like the gigantic safety pins of the early 80′s when my husband and I’s little bottoms were being diapered. Completely different! I was surprised and excited to share them with them just as they “seemed” to be to try them. Yes! I was sure at least one would have something to say about them. High five!

After visiting the mothers we came home to start our nightly ritual of play time, bath, dress, bottle and then bed. After her bath I stood there with the newly redecorated diaper drawer and thought long and hard about which I was going to use but ended up grabbing a sposie, slapping it on her little behind, and carried her out to Daddy to give her her bedtime bottle. While he did that I grabbed up the rest of the diapers, used or not and washed them again. I’ll probably do this every night this week so that by the end of the week they will have been washed at least 6 times and hopefully have reached their maximum absorbency. But I must say after a day of no smelly disposable diapers and a little bottom that did not crinkle like a paper bag I was pleasantly surprised that it went a lot better then I expected and now find myself wondering what the heck took me so long to switch! Now if only I can get myself not reach for a sposie for night time! All in time I suppose, all in time!


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Source: WhyClothDiaper.com 2010-2012

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