Leslie, a first-time mother to M, is a recent “convert” to cloth diapering. She began cloth diapering her baby girl a little over a month ago. Read the first part of her story here.

So, we have been using cloth for a little over two weeks now. I don’t think I’ve ever done so much laundry in a two week time in my life! Knowing that I’m making a great decision for my baby and my wallet makes it worth it. So far we really like AlvaBaby diapers. We tried Babyland china Ebay cheapies and found that although they were adorable we prefer hip snaps.

Leslie's fleece soakers from Lil Miss Crafty Pants!

The funny thing is that just 3 weeks ago I had no clue what hip snaps, rise snaps, AIO (All-in-ones), GNHW (Goodnight HeavyWetters by Kawaii), hemperoo doublers, Goodmamas, etc, even were. These terms were all foreign to me and in the beginning seemed so overwhelming. I’m still learning a lot. Matter of fact I think I learn something new about cloth every single day! Today I ordered a few heavy wetter soakers because we’re still not able to use cloth overnight. Which I’m completely bummed about. My daughter is a serious super soaker at night. But what I’ve learned is that what works for one may not work for someone else. Its all about finding what works for you. I can certainly see how cloth diapering becomes addicting! I’d really like to get a custom fancy couture diaper made but I stop myself. Maybe once I get my “stash” established with the basics I’ll splurge for a custom. Wow, did I really just say I’m going to splurge on something she’s most likely going to poop it? My husband has never been as thrilled at the idea as me. But really what husband is? Most prefer whats easy no matter the cost. Side note on that…he did say to Morgan the other day. “Wow, baby girl you really don’t stink like pee anymore!” Awhhh….proud cloth mommy moment there!! Side note…I converted a friend to cloth this week!


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